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Lauren Sierra of Jungle Law in Kansas City


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Ashton Lunsford

Every woman should have Lauren represent them. She a fantastic lawyer and even more to work with. This was my first time getting a lawyer and dealing with court. Her and her paralegals made sure i wasn't in the dark and i understood all the paperwork. Any time i had questions they were very quick to get back to me. She even went above and beyond for me in theses trying times.This is a wonderful company. If i ever need a lawyer again i will be back asking for Lauren.

Lauren was exceptional! My case was settled by mediation and I didn’t have to drag it out for years. I had a complex case and didn’t know what to do until I talked with Lauren. She put me at ease from the beginning till the end. I hope I don’t need an attorney in the future but she will be my first choice. I highly recommend Jungle Law!

Chef Penny

I have to say my experience with Jungle Law was Excellent. Attorney Lauren was there to guide me through the entire case process and really fought hard for our case. I highly recommend them because of their big hearts and total dedication to their cases. They are Victim Advocates 100%!

Ally Jacob

When my sister was looking for a personal injury lawyer after she was in a bad wreck she went to Jungle law. We have always been recommend Jungle law by a lot of our friends and family and they really did an outstanding job. Hands on and informative, they lead us every step of the way. Highly recommend.

Rebecca Dowell

Didn't miss a day of work because Tristan and team took care of everything! Easy to work with and professional!

Yvonne Moore

The Jungle Law Firm handled my case and they were AWESOME!!! Excellent communication and updates during the process. The entire staff was professional and courteous. I will recommend and trust this firm 100% and will call on their service in the future, if I ever need legal counsel again. Thank you Jungle Law!!! You are appreciated!

Melanie Johnson

Lauren was amazing in mediation! She took care of me through out the whole process and I was able to move on with my life. In addition to the great compensation I received, she was able to make a difference for women moving forward in the male dominated industry. I would refer her to anyone who is seeking a lawyer. I cannot stress how grateful I am to have been referred to Jungle Law. They are also big animal advocates and I love that as well. The compassion is very transparent. Thanks Lauren!

Tara Nelson

Lauren worked on a case for me last summer. She was bold and on top of it. From the very beginning I felt confident that she was going to handle it properly and professionally which she did. The case ended up settling out of court. The day of mediation she was right there with me all day and even bought my lunch. She made the entire experience much less miserable and calmed my anxiety. She’s a great attorney and genuinely cares about her clients. ❤️❤️

Carys Anor

Lauren, thank you for listening to me. What happened to me was so outlandish that half the lawyers I spoke to didn’t want to touch it with all its crazy nuances and varied issues - and the other half didn’t believe it was possible. I had all the proof I needed from text messages and emails to recorded phone calls and videos; I just needed the right lawyer to represent me. Lauren was the only one who took my call seriously, and not only that, but called me back - practically unheard of when it comes to finding legal representation. Over the last 10 months she has supported me and took care of my case with utmost sincerity and care. I know the opposing party threw many wrenches her way and made her job so much more difficult, but she weathered each storm they sent her way with dignity and composure, and for this I will always be grateful. While it took way longer than any of us would’ve liked (though much less time than I originally expected it might take), we made it out and the resolution is more than what I could’ve asked for. I am grateful to have my life back thanks to Lauren and Jungle Law’s insistence that I don’t take injustice lying down. I’ll be back for any other litigation needs I have in the future, though I hope this won’t be the case for a long time to come. Thank you!

How can I start. Lauren was amazing from start to finish. She worked very hard and was able to get me a great result! They are well known in KC and now I know why. I will recommend her to anyone who needs a lawyer. Thanks Lauren! You helped me start over.

Michelle Thomas

The experience was so calming and I felt like I had a voice. Thank you Lauren for not giving up. Persistence pays off. You're awesome




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