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Click here so we can help!

Conviction of a drug offense is a serious matter  that changes lives.

Drug convictions carry criminal penalties and can effect your employment for years to come.

If you have been caught driving with legally purchased marijuana in Colorado and have crossed state lines while possessing the drug, contact the “Lawman.” It may be legal to possess the drug in some states, but it is illegal in Missouri and Kansas.


The Lawman handles all drug possession charges, including:


-Illegal possession of marijuana

-Illegal possession of narcotics and other controlled substances

*Methamphetamine also known as Meth *Ecstacy - MDMA

-Illegal possession of prescription medications -Drug possession for sales or distribution

Defense for Drug Possession in Missouri and Kansas:

The Lawman has extensive experience defending clients charged with illegal drug use.

-Did the police seize drugs as a result of an illegal traffic stop?

-Did the police violate the terms of the search warrant?

-Did the police fail to instruct you or your right to remain silent or your right to legal counsel?

At JUNGLE LAW, we examine these and other defenses that our client’s have. The attorneys are experienced with treatment options, diversion programs and other measures that may allow you to avoid a criminal conviction or minimize the penalties you face.  


Below is an example of some potential penalties while caught with the possession of drugs in the State of Missouri and Kansas:


  • Kansas:


    Drug crime on your record will be taken into account. A fine up to $100,000 could be assessed.

    -first charge: misdemeanor, penalized by up to 1 year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

    second charge: Severity Level 5 drug felony, sentence depends on prior criminal history, varying from 10 months for no or minimal record to 42 months for 3 or more “personal felonies” or crimes against people, such as assault or rape.

    SALE/DISTRIBUTION: felony severity level for selling marijuana depends on

  • amount involved:

  • Less than 25 grams is a level 4

  • 25-450 g is a level 3

  • 450g-30kg is a level 2

  • 30 kilos or more is a level 1

  • 10 months for level 4 felony to 17 years for a level 1, plus a fine up to $500,000 for a level 1 or 2 offense.

    CULTIVATION: penalty depends on number of plants:

    • 5 - 49 plants is a level 3 felony

    • 50 – 100 is level 2

    • 100 or more is level 1

    • Penalized according to sentencing grid, almost 4 years to 17 years depending on number of plants and defendant’s criminal record.

  • Missouri:


      • Up to 10g on first offense, misdemeanor with $500 fine, no jail.

      • Up to 10g on second offense, misdemeanor with up to 1 year in jail.

      • 10 – 35g is a Class A misdemeanor, with up to 1 year incarceration and $1,000 fine.

      • 35g – 30kg is a Class C felony, with 1 year incarceration and $5,000


  • SALE:

  • Less than 5g, Class C felony, up to 7 years incarcerations and $5,000 fine.

  • 5g – 30kg, Class B felony, 5 – 15 years incarcerations and $20,000 fine.



    • 1st Degree, distribution/attempt to deliver, 30 – 100kg, Class A felony, 10 years to life incarceration and $20,000 fine.

    • 100+ kg, term of prison for Class A felony without parole.


If you cannot drive due to a suspension, revocation, or denial of your driving privileges, we can help you apply for an immediate temporary driving license, while we work through the complicated legal system to try completely restore your driving privileges . Let us fight on your behalf, and keep you on the road!  Call 1-833-4-JUNGLE today!


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