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Effects of  Harassment

  • Harassment in the workplace is a form of discrimination.

  • Harassment includes a wide array of conduct and may occur between individuals of the opposite or same genders.

  • Harassment decreases workplace morale, diminishes the dignity of employees, and can cause significant damage to the personal well-being and career of a harassed employee.

  • Harassment creates an intimidating, hostile and offensive work environment.

In some circumstances, tolerating harassment becomes a term or condition of your employment or advancement.


Many harassment victims suffer economic damages, such as lost past and future wages.  They may also suffer significant emotional damages such as depression, anxiety, humiliation, sleeplessness, post-traumatic stress disorder, or the fear of losing their jobs.  Victims sometimes endure this type of abuse for years.  Until recently,  harassment was significantly underreported.

Whether you are an employee or a student victimized by unwanted verbal or physical conduct, we can advise you on key steps to take to avoid continued harassment.

Keep a record of the person who engages in harassment, including any dates, times and places of events that happened, and any other details. It's not too late to start documenting. Begin today by writing down what you remember and go back as far you can.

Some companies have procedures on what to do if you are being harassed.  But if your company doesn’t have a procedure, take your complaint directly to Human Resources. If your company doesn't have an HR department, and/or refuses to take any action on your complaints, consider taking legal action.

The actual time window to file a sexual harassment claim will vary by state. In some cases, the EEOC’s rule will place a time limit at 180 days from the date of the harassment.

At Jungle Law, We are committed to obtaining the maximum relief for individuals who have suffered harassment or retaliation for reporting the harassment. Damages or remedies can include:

Back pay – the lost pay and benefits you would have received absent the adverse personnel action.


Compensatory damages – compensation for emotional distress and

repetitional harm suffered because of the harassment.


Punitive damages – punishment if the company acted with malice or

reckless indifference.


Lost future earnings, Equitable relief, (such as an order reinstating you) and Attorney's fees and litigation expenses.

Harassment isn't a new Phenomenon, but #MeTOO has been sweeping the world 


Many companies don't comply with their legal duties to workers. Employer misconduct may entail discriminated against or harassing certain employees who belong to secure classes or neglecting to pay workers based on minimum wage and overtime laws. Sometimes, employers might unlawfully retaliate against workers who've complained about their mistreatment. In Jungle Law, our seasoned Kansas City employment discrimination attorneys are knowledgeable about federal, state, and local laws. Whether you will need a sexual harassment lawyer, advice with a wrongful termination claim, or a different kind of help, Jungle Law is about to provide complete representation to workers and job applicants whose rights are violated.

#MeToo is encouraging people to speak up if they have been harassed or even sexually assaulted in the workplace. This type of behavior violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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