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Jungle Law hopes to create animal abuse registry

The Jungle Law Group works hard to rescue amazing animals. Including those at the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, a non-profit group saving donkeys and burrows. Mark and Amy Meyers, of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue and Jungle Law's Tristen Woods and Lauren Sierra tell us about their work and the law firm’s hopes to start a national animal abuse registry.

Jungle Law supports Puppies for Parole program

Jungle Law is back and they're pairing pups and inmates! Carrie Henggeler with Puppies for Parole and Tristen Woods and Lauren Sierra of Jungle Law explain the program that helps everyone involved get a second chance.

KCTV 5 Better Kansas City Fight for Animals!

We are on KCTV 5 talking about our practice and our Animal Abuse Registry Bill at

KCTV 5 Better Kansas City Discover Jungle Law

Jungle Law pushes for a Missouri Statewide Animal Abuser Registry at Wings of Love brings some feathery friends on set!

Jungle Law's Lauren Sierra on 2019 Dancing With The Kansas City Stars

Employment Discrimination Attorney Lauren Sierra, of Jungle Law in Kansas City, was part of the 2019 Dancing With The Kansas City Stars local celebrities. She use to be a Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader, and now is one of the most successful employment discrimination law attorneys in Kansas City. Jungle Law also has offices in St. Louis and Omaha, those office specialize only on Employment Law with Lauren being lead council.

Jungle Law Group on marijuana laws

Attorney Tristen Woods of Jungle Law Group explains the laws on marijuana possession in Kansas and Missouri.

Meet Tarzan: This KC lawman is a former model who fights for animal rights

Jungle Law Group teams with KC Pig Rescue

They are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and permanent placement of pigs in Kansas and Missouri and they are teaming up with Jungle Law. KC Pig Rescue Network's Kayli Houk and Jungle Law's Tristen Woods and Lauren Sierra share more about their work.

Jungle Law shares how they help our feathered friends

Jungle Law brings a voice to the voiceless and they return to our show with some feathered friends and an organization who rescues them. Tristen Woods and Lauren Kruskall of Jungle Law are here with Yvonne Burbach of Wings of Love. They all tell us about the beautiful Eurasian Eagle Owls, named Bubo and Swoop.

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