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Traffic & Speeding Ticket Lawyer  

These moving violations include speeding, running a red light or going through a stop sign.  They are treated more severe when the speed escalates over the posted speed limit, or in a school or work zone.  Other violations are classified as non-moving, such as no liability insurance or expired registration. 


Although many people who receive a minor traffic may just want to pay the fine and accept the points that will be awarded to them.  It is advisable to hire an experienced traffic defense attorney for even the smallest infraction.  With a special prosecutor on the team who specifically prosecuted traffic offenses for years, we have the knowledge and skills to get you the result you desire.  If you accumulate enough points within a specific period of time, it can result in serious criminal repercussions, such as imprisonment, payment of surcharges, fines.


If you have a lead foot, don’t let the state take away your driving license, and your ability to perform basic, daily activities. Let the Tarzan Law Group fight on your behalf and keep you on your way.



Kansas does NOT use a point system in regulating traffic violations.  In Kansas, if you receive 3 or more “moving violations” within a 12 month period, your license will automatically be suspended for 1 year. 

A few examples of the many Kansas “Moving Violations” are as follows:


-Driving without a license

-Operating a motor vehicle in violation of restrictions

-No Driver’s license in possession

-Driving while Canceled, Suspended or Revoked

-Driving in Violation of Restrictions

-Driving while under the influence


Certain moving violations will result in the immediate revocation of your driver’s license.  Other moving violations will result in SUSPENSION of your Kansas Driver’s license.


These Revocation and Suspension related “moving violations” will involve:


-Serving Jail time

-Paying a large fine

-Driving with restrictions

-A mandatory driver improvement defensive driving course. 

In Kansas, there is no such thing as a hardship license if your license has been suspended, revoked or canceled.




The State of Missouri has strict traffic laws, and the point system is stacked against you from the start.  If you have accumulated any points, don’t hesitate to call us.   If you accumulate one or two infractions that equal a total of four points or more, you will receive an advisory letter from the Department of Revenue.  If you accumulate a total of eight or more points in 18 months, the Department of Revenue will suspend your driving privilege.​​

1st suspension   --  30 days

2nd suspension  --  60 days

3rd or more    --  90 days

Here are some example infractions and the points that are accumulated:



Stop Sign

Careless and Imprudent driving

No Driver’s License (1st offense)

Driving Under the Influence  (BAC .04)


Speeding (more than 5 miles over posted)


No Driver’s License (2nd offense)

Failure to Produce ID


Excess Blood Alcohol Content (1st offense) 


Leaving Scene of the Accident

Excess Blood Alcohol Content (2nd offense)​


If you cannot drive due to a suspension, revocation, or denial of your driving privileges, we can help you apply for an immediate temporary driving license, while we work through the complicated legal system to try completely restore your driving privileges . Let us fight on your behalf, and keep you on the road!

This is why you need an experienced Traffic Attorney from Jungle Law working for you.  Call 1-833-4-JUNGLE today!


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