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Tristen Woods of Jungle Law - DUI & Drug Defense Attorney


Let the LAWMAN and his team of experienced attorneys fight for you.  Jungle Law has won numerous awards and has been recognized on a national stage for our outstanding legal accomplishments.  When your future, your family, and livelihood are at risk, a false accusation or an innocent mistake should not derail a lifetime of hard work.

Jungle Law has won multiple trials and stands ready, willing, and able to take your case to all the way.  Whether you are faced with a Federal or State charge, Jungle Law has the experience and knowledge to get the case resolved. 

The LAWMAN gets results and that is what you want at the end of the day!




Voted BEST DUI Attorney

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Voted BEST DUI Attorney

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Mr. Woods is a competitive professional who fights the system to get the best results for his client. He takes the worry and pressure off of clients, and digs into the facts, using his connections to achieve what he says he can. Tristen steps up to the plate for animal shelters and animal rights. He and the entire Jungle Law Firm are the ones you want in your bullpen!


Don't be mislead by colorful advertising. Tristen is 100% professional and effective. Besides really knowing his stuff and having a talent/knack for being in control of the dynamics when before a judge, Tristen breaks the shark-like atty mold. He's a genuinely good guy.


Absolutely excellent lawyer! We got a better deal than we thought possible! Tristen took the initiative to get on top of things quickly and worked with the prosecutor to get the best possible outcome and we are thrilled! Well worth the money! It could have easily cost us more without his expert help, both financially and by saving my son's future! He's not a gimmick! He's a professional!


Great law firm, they were the only firm that would even speak with me about my case they didnt make any false promises but they took it very seriously and we got the results we were looking for. I cant say enough good things about Tristen and his firm.


Tristen Woods and The Jungle Law Group are exceptional. Last June I was pulled over in Missouri on my way home from vacationing in Colorado...which resulted in being charged 3 Class D Felonies and 1 misdemeanor... I saw a Billboard for Jungle Law on my way back home, and I made a call not knowing what to expect. I was immediately taken care of by Tristen and he was urgently on my case. His confidence and experience with my situation took my stress away immediately, it also relieved my wife a great deal! Tristen always returned my calls immediately and was quick to take care of anything that came up. The case could not have realistically turned out any better. I ended up with only 2 Misdemeanors, a reasonable fine, and NO probation. I only had to appear in court 1 time and it was quick and painless. Tristan's legal aid Gabby was also incredible. She made me feel comfortable with the entire process and supported me along the way with anything I needed. They were a great team and I have absolutely no complaints. I am thankful I came across Jungle Law, and Tarzan the Lawman,.. He is the real deal, no BS. He did exactly what he said he was going to do.


Tristen was hands down one of the most proactive and professional people I have ever had the opportunity of working with. His responses were immediate and he went out of his way to answer any questions I had since I had never dealt with the law, prior to me being pulled over moving cross country and profiled for my out of state plates. (Supposedly the MO of certain state troopers) He was sympathetic to my situation of moving cross country to be the caregiver for a family member and fought for me. Don’t let the unorthodox advertisements fool you, this firm is truly professional and are reasonable in their fees. I did my fair amount of research on other firms in the area and I took a chance with Jungle Law and I’m glad I did. Thank you Tristen and all the friendly staff.


Worked with Tristen on an impossible case against my CDL. He exceeded expectations all around. His team is really friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I talked with several other lawyers before I chose to go with him and they all said what I wanted to do was impossible and anyone that told me otherwise was lying. Tristen came through on what he told me could do and even got a better outcome that what we expected. Case was finished quickly and his prices are very reasonable. He went above and beyond and did everything he could to make sure I was satisfied. Highly recommended. If he says he can help, don’t even look anywhere else.


Got a possession charge?? Look no further!!! Jungle Law has you covered. I got charged with possession of 9 Ounces of Marijuana ( over half a pound!!!) I was looking at a class D felony AND 3-7 years in prison.... I called up Triston and after talking to him for about 5 minutes I knew that I had called the right person for the job. Check this out... NOT ONLY did he get my felony charge dropped down to a misdemeanor, he got me out of probation too!!! All I had to do was pay a fine!!! I didn’t even have to go back to court. He handled EVERYTHING. So I’m telling you right now... If you are reading this and you got charged with possession of any kind, you NEED to call these guys. I have NEVER had a lawyer anywhere near as good as Triston is. Do yourself a favor and CALL JUNGLE LAW!!!!!!


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