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I am more than pleased and satisfied with my service from Jungle Law firm. Tristen and his team were very helpful, communicative, and supportive. I felt confident and assured about my case the whole time. I definitely would recommend and encourage others to see Jungle Law if they were to need it. Thank you Jungle Law Firm!


Every woman should have Lauren represent them. She a fantastic lawyer and even more to work with. This was my first time getting a lawyer and dealing with court. Her and her paralegals made sure i wasn't in the dark and i understood all the paperwork. Any time i had questions they were very quick to get back to me. She even went above and beyond for me in theses trying times.This is a wonderful company. If i ever need a lawyer again i will be back asking for Lauren.


I don't know where to start. Lauren was exceptional. Let me just say that she knows how to mediate and put the pressure on the other side. I am glad I went with this firm. Highly recommend her, she is great.


Lauren was amazing! She was able to get more money than I expected. Besides being the smartest lawyer I ever met, she is down to earth! Not what I expected after seeing all her billboards and tv appearances. She is the best and I recommend her firm! She also is a big animal lover and fights for them.


Great law firm, they were the only firm that would even speak with me about my case they didn't make any false promises but they took it very seriously and we got the results we were looking for. I cant say enough good things about Tristen and his firm.


Absolutely excellent lawyer! We got a better deal than we thought possible! Tristen took the initiative to get on top of things quickly and worked with the prosecutor to get the best possible outcome and we are thrilled! Well worth the money! It could have easily cost us more without his expert help, both financially and by saving my son's future! He's not a gimmick! He's a professional!


I had a extremely complicated DUI case and tickets in Blue Springs that was two years old. Tristen Woods at Jungle law took really good care of me getting 2/3s of my case dismissed, with No DUI conviction, 2 years unsupervised probation, a SATOP class and low fines their paralegal Gabby is super friendly & helpful she always gets back to you with questions you may have about your case or any new information that's come in about your case. Not only that I was having a really bad day and she talked to me on a personal level not a just a client level! It truly made me feel like I was a part of the family. This firm also fights for animal rights unlike any other which is amazing because animals need a voice too! My husband and myself strongly recommend Jungle Law firm. They are aggressive in Court, they know the book, they are fair, and very reasonable on pricing, they even allowed me to make a payment schedule with them. Go see the JUNGLE MAN!!!!


Lauren was exceptional! My case was settled by mediation and I didn’t have to drag it out for years. I had a complex case and didn’t know what to do until I talked with Lauren. She put me at ease from the beginning till the end. I hope I don’t need an attorney in the future but she will be my first choice. I highly recommend Jungle Law!


I'm fairly new to the area and, unfortunately, found myself unwittingly driving too fast through a school zone. Thank goodness for the experts at Jungle Law! An instant headache with an expensive ticket became much less stressful when Tristen took my case. He followed up with me immediately to understand the case details and before I knew it I was not required to attend court and he helped me keep the points off my record. I would recommend Jungle Law to anyone in a pinch. Tristen helped me recover easily from a very frustrating mistake. Thank you Tristen and Jungle Law!


Had an accident with an 18 wheeler and I thought I could handle it but it turns out the situation was worse than expected and I'm glad I was able to get help and support from Jungle law firm. They handled everything A-Z and made the case very smooth. I'm happy about the outcome and highly recommend anyone looking for solid attorneys to come here.


I can tell you first hand that the JLF handled my case with swiftness and professionalism. Tristen made me feel at ease which helped because I was very uneasy. I hope I don't need too, but I would call them again if I needed a good lawyer. I recommend Tristen to anyone.


Tristen Woods and his law firm Jungle Law are the greatest!!!!! For someone who NEVER writes reviews i felt compelled to pass on my opinions. In today’s society, its hard to find honest individuals anymore but Tristen shot me straight from 1st phone call and got me a better outcome then I could have imagined, at the risked of writing a book here, I would HIGHLY recommend JUNGLE LAW for any of your legal problems and if I need them again they will be my 1st and only call. And YES im a real person, not some damn computer algorithm writing this honest review. Go ahead make the call you wont regret it


Jungle law was great. I was told that the PA where my daughter got her speeding ticket (20 mph over the speed limit) would not budge and she was going to have points on her license for her first ticket ever. The ticket was reduced to 5 mph over and she didn’t have to go to court or even take any classes or have court supervision. Price was reasonable. I would call them again if I needed help again.


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