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Lauren Sierra is an Employment Discrimination Attorney at Jungle Law

Lauren is an attorney and co-founder of Jungle Law.  She focuses on Employment, Discrimination, and sexual harassment "#METOO" cases. Lauren has represented clients in hundreds of mediations, and has successfully negotiated millions of settlement dollars.


Prior to the Jungle, Lauren was a professor at the University of Arizona and Boston University.  She was also an editor for Smart Business Magazine.  She has authored publications in law, technology, finance, health, and culture.  

Lauren is a former NFL cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  She was also a contestant on Kansas City's "Dancing with the Stars," raising money for the students of Cristo Rey.  In addition, Lauren has performed as an oboe soloist with professional orchestras.


Lauren enjoys advocating for animals and sponsoring rescue organizations with her fiance and partner, Tristen Woods.  Together, they have drafted legislation with state representatives, increasing penalties for animal abusers. 


Jungle Law's campaign, "Vote 4 Paws" has received over 30,000 signatures from individuals and institutions. The current proposed bill, "Release the Hounds" is pending before the Missouri Senate.


Lauren currently lives in Kansas City with Tristen and their giant German Shepherd, Yoshi.

Lauren is pleased to communicate with clients in Spanish.

J.D., St. Thomas University, Miami, FL
M.F.A., Boston University, Boston, MA

B.A., Case Western University, Cleveland, OH

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