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Penelope Kress is a Senior Paralegal at Jungle Law

Penelope is a senior paralegal at the Jungle.  She focuses on employment law and #metoo cases.


Penelope brings kindness, compassion, and empathy to her work.  Her previous legal background includes immigration and intellectual property, as well as support of the Midwest Innocence Project.  She has spent years helping to fight for those who’ve been wrongfully convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.


Penelope lives in St. Joseph with her husband Bryan, her two teenage sons Calvin and Henry, her Airedale Terriers, Fiona and Cooper, and her Welsh Terrier, Scout.  When she’s not enjoying listening to her sons play in their jazz combo, Six O’Clock Swing, she and her husband spend their time restoring historic properties, including the 1888 Queen Anne where they reside.

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